Leading Your Senior Pastor in Family Ministry: A Guide for Success

Attention, Kids Pastors! As a leader with a deep understanding of the needs and dynamics of family ministry, you possess a unique expertise that positions you as the expert in your church community. It is your responsibility and opportunity to lead your senior pastor and church board in family ministry.

By harnessing your knowledge, experience, and passion, you can guide and collaborate with them to create a powerful and impactful ministry that transforms the lives of families within your church. This post delves into practical strategies to empower you to lead and ignite a revolution in family ministry. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your expertise and lead your church to new heights in family ministry!

1. Build a Relationship of Trust
A strong trust-based relationship is essential when leading your senior pastor in family ministry. Take the time to understand their leadership style, values, and priorities. Schedule regular meetings to discuss your vision for family ministry, actively listen to their input, and seek their guidance. Demonstrating trust and respect will foster a positive and productive partnership.

2. Communicate the Vision
Craft a clear and compelling vision for family ministry and effectively communicate it to your senior pastor. Outline the ministry’s goals, strategies, and potential impact on families within the church community. Use concise language and compelling storytelling to capture their attention and generate enthusiasm. Show how family ministry aligns with the overall mission and vision of the church.

3. Share Success Stories and Data
Back up your vision with tangible evidence of the family ministry’s positive impact. Collect success stories, testimonies, and relevant data demonstrating the transformative power of investing in families. Present this information to your senior pastor, highlighting how family ministry strengthens the church’s mission and contributes to the spiritual growth of individuals and families.

4. Seek Collaboration and Input
Invite your senior pastor to actively participate in the family ministry’s planning and decision-making processes. Value their insights and seek their input on key initiatives. Collaborate on sermon series, events, or outreach efforts that integrate family ministry themes. You’ll gain their support by involving them in the process and ensure a more cohesive and integrated approach.

5. Provide Resources and Training
Equip your senior pastor with the necessary resources and training to effectively understand and support the family ministry. Offer relevant articles, books, or workshops that address the unique challenges and opportunities within family ministry. Please encourage them to attend conferences or networking events focused on family ministry. This investment will deepen their understanding and enable them to champion the cause confidently.

6. Foster a Culture of Family Ministry
Work with your senior pastor to create a church culture that values and prioritizes family ministry. Collaborate on initiatives that involve the entire congregation, such as dedications, family-friendly events, or parenting workshops. Promote family-centric activities within the church’s regular programming and emphasize the importance of family discipleship. When the senior pastor consistently models and supports a family ministry, it will inspire others to follow suit.

Leading your senior pastor in family ministry is essential to creating a vibrant and impactful ministry for families within your church. You can effectively lead your senior pastor toward a shared goal by building trust, communicating your vision, sharing success stories, seeking collaboration, providing resources, and fostering a culture of family ministry. Together, you can create a thriving family ministry that strengthens the church community and nurtures the spiritual growth of families. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate and lead and witness the transformative power of family ministry unfold.



By Chris McKinney

Children's Pastor from the Pacific Northwest. With 20 years of experience in Children's Ministry, Chris uses his knowledge to help others reach families in their communities.