Kids Church Songs

Looking for great kids church songs?  There are so many artists out there producing great music that we put together a list of our top picks.

Can you believe it!? by Hillsong Kids

Hillsong has been a pillar for adult worship music for years. They’ve also put out several great kids albums. Hillsong Kids has great music that is current and your kids will love it.

Jesus is my Superhero (Live)

This album is a classic. We love the Superhero theme and all the songs on this album. Give your kids these wonderful songs to remind them of their personal Superhero, Jesus!

Come Alive by Bethel Kids

Updated/remixed music for kids and teens. The sound is very familiar with popular albums today. We especially liked the remix of “This is Amazing Grace”.

Brave by Saddleback Kids

Saddleback has a long history of putting out high-quality resources for parents and churches. This is another upbeat album sure to inspire kids. We loved the title track “Brave”.

Only Jesus by Austin Stone Worship: Kids

It’s like a Hillsong United for kids. The tracks are great for pre-teens or elementary ages. This album has a more serious and worshipful tone. Great for kids learning to worship in the adult service.

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 by Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie has been a staple for many years because his songs are easy to learn and kids love them. If you have Amazon Prime, the songs by the artist are available for listening although you’ll have to buy the album for every song.

Greatest Hits Vol. 2 by Uncle Charlie

There are so many songs from Uncle Charlie that the second album hit the list. Take look and if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can listen to a few of the tracks for free.

Let Is Shine by Listener Kids

Looking for remix’s of older songs like “This Little Light of Mine” or “Peace Like A River”, then this album is for you.

Little Praise Party – Happy Day Everyday

Bible-based songs that preschoolers can remember. Yancy and her family have been involved in church ministry for a long time and Yancy is a great worship leader. You’ll love this DVD for your preschoolers.

By Chris McKinney

Children's Pastor from the Pacific Northwest. With 20 years of experience in Children's Ministry, Chris uses his knowledge to help others reach families in their communities.